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Thursday, December 31, 2009

No More Cougars...CATCH A TIGER IN 2010!!!

A Tiger's Tale and What Makeup Can Do For You!

What a year we've had! There have been many big stories this year, but what was arguably the most unexpected, controversial and talked about story of the year? Yep, you know it folks! The tale about the Tiger who happens to be the world's best athlete and his extra-marital escapades!

Now, there are a lot of people saying his behavior is typical for most high profile athletes and celebrities (umm... and dare we say politicians, too!), but for this squeaky-clean superstar golfer, these actions are far from "par for the course!" So congrats to Tiger Woods, as he has once again proven NO ONE is perfect and even he can't measure up to the image he's worked so hard to protect.

Speaking of image, this leads me to my point for this blog, how MAKEUP for women on a "good" night can help you...CATCH
A TIGER! Think - dramatic music here people! Dramatic music, "dun, dunnnn, daaaaaaaahhhh...!"

SOOOO, do you think these gorgeous bombshells look like supermodels everyday and night? Come on! Whether you are a model, actress or average human being, NOBODY looks great ALL the time! Makeup is powerfulstuff! So, for those who don't wear it on the regular? You may want to try it. Why? For starters, let's look at three of Tiger's tricks!


1)Rachel Utchitel

2)Jamie Grubbs

3) Kalika Moquin
Of course I'm sure you're not engaging in that type of behavior, but regardless, you don't want to find yourself out in public looking a hot mess like these three (before makeup). Now you don't need to be "red carpet ready," but I do suggest a hint of makeup to enhance your best features. A natural makeup for starters and when you go out, try and bump it up a little. So don't just put on a happy face, make it a beautiful one as well! Have fun with it, ladies, create a little spice in your own life, and show those gorgeous faces of yours off to the world!

Just make sure he is single!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


944 Magazine
The Holiday Issue

If you’ve been following my blog, you know a few things about me. One, I love my career as a professional makeup artist. Two, I also spent years as a classical professional dancer.

That said, I must say it’s funny how your life experiences eventually come full circle, because if it were not for dance I would have never known I could do makeup. I’m sure you’re wondering, Hmmm…how does that work, Samelia?”

Well, let me tell you. Each time I painted my face before a performance, I became a new character. And the same holds true for the two dancers whose makeup I did for 944’s Holiday Issue.

You guessed it! Working in yet another fabulous setting; this time it was the shoot for 944’s Holiday Issue. Simply put, it was an amazing experience! Being able to work with two professional dancers, Jennifer Perry (who stars in “Spider-Man” on Broadway) and Melissa Barak (ballet dancer performing in the Los Angeles holiday production of “The Nutcracker”) brought back some incredible memories from my days of performing, auditioning and the overall joy of dance.

Now when you see the final results in the magazine, please understand photographer Zach Coco was not shooting a couple of models, he was shooting world-class dancers.

I’m happy 944 is shining the light on a variety of elements for the holidays and it’s good to see dance getting some love!

Thanks 944 for the opportunity!

And friends, make sure you check out at least one of the numerous dance companies (e.g., Alvin Aliey, New York City Ballet, Philadanco, Miami City Ballet) performing over the holidays in a city near you!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Hey Guys!

Welcome to Samelia's first official BEST OF TEST list! What's the BEST OF TEST list? I will explain in a moment, but first let me tell you how the list came into being...

Lately I have been very busy working on videos, photo shoots, etc., and have put aside some of my makeup favorites for the moment in favor of some newer "riskier" areas (if you will).

Risky? To a certain degree, yes, at least for me. You're probably wondering why. Well, like many professionals in my field, I have a tough time trying out new products right away, especially because I use them on a real shoot and there is no room for error. It can cost you big time! Rarely do I do test shoots anymore, so I find myself having to try new products at home on friends and family the day prior to the live shoot. Fun times? Not exactly. Since this is my career it can be just a bit, shall we say, nerve racking?!?

So needless to say, it is rare that I take a chance on a new product without testing it. But, over the past few weeks, I have taken a chance with some of the newer products in my kit. And you know what? The "Lancome" products have delivered consistently and the results have been nothing short of spectacular!

That said, the success I experienced with the Lancome products have inspired me to create a new area in my blog, and I'm calling it, "SAMELIA'S BEST OF TEST." Congratulations Lancome! Your line is the first on the "BEST OF TEST" list (and I imagine it remaining on this list for a while)!

Clockwise: Bi-Facil, La Laque Fever, lancôme génifique youth activating concentrate, Le Crayon Poudre, lancome oscillation vibrating mascara, Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Quad

There are a number of other products that I will be testing (and perhaps using) on the shoots I'm working, but for now here are my suggestions for those of you reading the blog to use from the Lancome line I LOVE so much!

And there you have it! The BEST products of the month on the first official SAMELIA'S BEST OF TEST list! What better time than the Holiday Season to try them out! You can find any of these at Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Sephora and more.

Your job? It's easy! Go shop until you drop and let me know your thoughts on these products!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nicole Kidman NIGHTMARE!!!

Style and grace. Two words synonymous with the world's most elegant stars. You see them on the red carpet, in front of the cameras and on the couch with Oprah.

My favorite?
Nicole Kidman. She fits the bill 100%.

But to maintain that image, you must maintain consistency with your stylist and makeup artist, and for an "A-Lister" like Nicole, appearance is an area that cannot be compromised.

Interestingly enough, at the
December 9, 2009 L.A. premiere of "Nine" she looked great. Yet less than a week later at the December 15, 2009 premiere in New York City, I (like many of my counterparts) was left wondering, "What the BEEP happened here!"

Not trying to be negative here, but a superstar like her cannot be in a position where your public appearance goes from best to less inside of a week!

My professional recommendation? If you have to go with two different makeup artists and have one on each coast, if you're going to get results like this, then forget having two and spend the money on flying the LA person to NY. This will help ensure all is good in your red carpet and paparazzi world!

Monday, December 14, 2009



Recently, I had the opportunity to work with the legendary Dutch DJ Tiesto on a video shoot featuring Nelly Furtado. Let me state for the record, I have a new found respect for DJ’s!

Now work is work, and work is serious, especially when on the set shooting a big video for two huge artists. But on the second night of the shoot, we had a chance to see DJ Tiesto live in action at the Playhouse in Hollywood, CA. And when Tiesto spins, it isn’t just about playing music! He invests time in creating amazing sets designed to create a hypnotic experience for his audience when they are engulfed in the trance.

All I can say is dance, dance and more dancing!

I was honored to be able to work with both Tiesto and Nelly Furtado and play a role with the team involved with making everyone from the dancers to the models look wonderful. After all, it’s not every day you have a chance to enhance the incredible director Alan Ferguson’s video vision of perfection!

The entire team did an amazing job, including London’s Lana Grand (hair), Charlie Altuna and Jany (wardrobe), and yours truly (makeup)!

Needless to say, I cannot WAIT to see the video.

Just take a look at some of the behind the scenes photos and if you have time and get the opportunity, be sure to check out a show!

Tiesto doing his thing!