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Friday, February 4, 2011

PART 2: Weathered!!!


With next travel approaching I’d like to take a moment and talk EVERYDAY BASIS…

I notice that everyday I use 4 different creams or lotions. Ridiculous!!!

Facial moisturizer being 1st, under eye serum/cream in a close 2nd, with my basic body lotion being 3rd, we must not forget the in one combination hand & foot cream! There is nothing worse than traveling to various cities with extreme weather conditions, and you have “NO” lotion or cream…YIKES!

A predicament many are faced with going to unknown territory is…”What to pack, how many ounces is this, and do you think they will let me pass with this”?

Sadly enough, I am always stripped of my hand & foot cream in my purse, as the size is too big… Forced to condense my facial moisturizer and body lotion into smaller size containers. Thinking… “I can possibly live without my under eye serum/cream for a couple of days… Making me downsize to 2 CREAMS!

How does one severe with only 2 creams I thought?
As I was faced with cold record breaking tempters in the east and hot dry air in the west coast… I severed and was able to keep my skin looking great!

You just have to find the best of the two!!! Here are a couple great facial moisturizers & body lotions options for travel!!!

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