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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Dancing with the Stars"

As a former professional dancer, I am definitely critical of stage makeup because not everyone knows how to do it right and make it work. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Melanie Mills, the makeup department head for the hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars” during an event at the Music Box Theatre in Hollywood.

Melanie is not just a wonderful individual; she is truly an exquisite lady!
The Emmy Award winning makeup artist showed off her “ Makeup for Dance” through her creation of beautiful looks with M.A.C. makeup for the Viennese waltz and Tango to name a few! It was interesting to hear what inspired her for each celebrity and dancer's look, as well as how she came up with the color combination to contrast with each glamours costume without it being too much.

Seeing her work on a theatre stage and not on a ballroom dance floor was even more powerful and really showed off her depth as a true makeup artist. To see that the makeup on the stage was just as breath taking as the makeup we see on television was fantastic, because that is not an easy task to accomplish!

So the next time you watch “Dancing with the Stars” know that Melanie Mills is backstage working hard directing a team to crank out those spectacular and intense looks you love so much!

Check out some of the looks from the night and the show…


  1. Wow... I've always wondered who did the makeup and if there was just one person. Cause it looks so good all the time!!!

  2. As much as you use to "dance"! YOu need to be on Melanie's team... You guys could take it to an totally different level!!!

  3. I didn't know Melanie's doing that show! I worked with her on something else year ago. I have to give her a call...

  4. Melanie is such a sweet person! It was so much fun meeting her and her work is gorgeous! I learned a few makeup tips from her. :D

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