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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Emmys Awards 2009



61st Annual Emmy Awards… Wow! We all know it is one of the top award shows in prime-time television, but on this evening, it wasn’t just about the actors and actresses and the awards they receive, but the full package they bring to the event itself!

What does that mean, you ask? Well, next to the show itself, the next biggest thing is what they wear and how they wear it. Being fashionably correct is critical, especially when walking the red carpet and accepting this prestigious award, should one be so honored to receive it. And that’s where yours truly plugs in, as this is the best time for Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe stylists to showcase their talent as well!

After all, if there was no STYLE, what would celebrity life and award shows be (wink and smile people, wink and smile)?!?!

Overall, nights like this can either positively enhance or negatively impact a creative stylist’s career. If the nominee proves to be a winner, his or her hair, makeup and wardrobe MUST be right! If one element is off – hair, makeup, wardrobe is not right – it can harm the artist and make he or she the laughing stock of the day. Not cool and who wants that?

We take what we do VERY seriously because we all want our clients to look great on the red carpet, on stage, in the audience and at the parties. So take a look at some of the looks from last night’s show and let us know who looks hot and who, well, could use a few more minutes in makeup!


  1. Wow... I love Mila Kunis! She look so beautiful in that dress!!!

  2. Is Debra Messing starting to look old? She looks great in the dress, but something is wrong with the top part... I dont know if it's the hair or the makeup? I vote more time with HAIR & MAKEUP!!!

  3. Debra is not getting old she look beautiful!

  4. Ok. What freaking prime-time show is Kim K. on? "Yes", she looks great! It is truely about real actress on this night...

  5. Yeah... I agree about Kim, but Jimmy Kimmel's chick should have spent more time in the Hair chair... I wear that hair style every other day!

  6. 1 Vote for Mila Kunis! She looks great in the dress AND the color! I think she's got the whole package. :D