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Friday, April 2, 2010


At first I was not sure about Twitter, but I have to say it is great!

Twitter. Makeup. Beauty. What?

You are probably thinking what does Twitter have to do with makeup or beauty? But the truth is Twitter is a great resource to find many things in the beauty world; as well as others!

Why? Because it provides a great way to know what's going on in the industry (whatever industry you are in) from insiders and experts (then again, what qualifies someone as an expert?). You can find out what products makeup, hair and wardrobe stylists are using. You can find out about brands and new lines people may have not yet heard of. Overall, it can be a great resource, as I just found some new beauty resources that are great! You should check them out as well!

I'll keep you posted on how well this works, but check out:

This Perfect Balance Concealer and Highlighter trio by Raw
Natural Beauty! It's interesting... it comes in Light, Medium, & dark for only $38.00.

Now, what do artists love?
A GREAT beauty supply store!

At Beauty Makeup Supply (BMS) you may find retail and wholesale pricing for quality cosmetic jars, bottles, cosmetic and skincare products. Nail items as well!

And last, a new line I am looking forward to trying, FACE atelier!
They have an Ultra blush with silicones that enables it to go on smoothly while at the same time creating a barrier between the powder and the skin $25.00 I am excited!!!

As always, I will keep you posted!

Check me out on Twitter as well And if you are not on Twitter? Well, you may want to give that a second thought and give it a look!

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