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Thursday, March 18, 2010

MINX NAILS! The Hottest Trend in Nail Fashion!

Tashia B.The MINX VIXEN”!!!

What's the hottest trend in nail fashion? MINX NAILS!!!

Made popular by celebs such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, Minx Nails make a bold statement and stand out!

This new nail fetish is skyrocketing amongst the stars and trendsetters. In case you don't know, this new nail fetish is a flexible polymer applied to the nail with heat and pressure. Minx comes in more than 150 designs, including chrome metallic, solid colors, animal prints, etc., that can be applied to natural as well as enhanced (i.e., acrylics, gels) nails.

Now, since most people who do nails do not provide this service, I had to go to the best and bring her to you guys directly! So Yours Truly sat down with Miami, Florida's Tashia B. (who is currently skyrocketing with her Minx mobile business) to get the inside scoops on all things Minx! Catching up with this rising star was not easy as she's constantly on the go, but I had to get her on here. Why? Because she's the top and that's what you the readers deserve on the blog. So enjoy!

Here's our Q&A:

Q1: Tashia, I LOVE your work! How did you get started with Minx, and where did you come up with the name Minx vixen?

A1: I was one of the first on the block to offer mobile Minx service in Miami. I started Minx in October 2008, while doing nails at Infamous Kutz, Lauderhill, after seeing Minx at a summer wedding. I was given the nickname "MinxVixen" by a longtime client's husband who loved when his wife would get "grillz on her nails," referring to the chrome-y metallic Minx designs. The name stuck and I decided to use it as my Twitter handle.

Q2: Do you have any celebrity clients or celebrity people you have been working with? Magazines you've been featured in?

A2: I've worked with Miami rapper, Trina, marketing mogul Loren Ridinger, radio personalities, video vixens, athletes' wives and girlfriends, and many other fashion-forward stylists. My work has been featured in music videos such as Birdman's "Money to Blow" featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, and Trina's "That's My Attitude."

Q3: Can Minx be done on all nails or just a certain type?

A3: Minx can be applied to natural as well as enhanced (acrylics, gels) nails.

Q4: For those who may not yet be familiar, what exactly is Minx?

A4: Minx nails are currently the hottest trend in nail fashion. They have been made popular by celebs such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and more. Minx is for the fashionista who loves to stand out from the crowd. Minx is a flexible polymer, applied to the nail with heat and pressure and available in more than 150 designs, including chrome metallics, solid colors, animal prints, stripes, flowers, etc., designed to bring out your inner Minx! MEOW!!!

Q5: What makes Minx so special?

A5: Minx is a "green" alternative to nail polish and is fume-free. Unlike polish, a Minx application requires no chemicals, no drying time, never smudges, and never chips. It provides a finish that cannot be achieved with polish.

Q6: So I have to ask! What is the oddest request you've received?

A6: My oddest Minx request to date was to Minx a client's poodle. They got matching Golden Lightning paws, BLINGtastic! My youngest client is a two year-old fashionista in the making (pictured).

There you have it! From me to you, the scoop you can't get anywhere else!

Tashia's shop is located in Miramar, Florida, but mobile service is provided and they are able to travel!They are available for Minx parties, photo/video shoots, soirees, networking events, fashion shows, yacht parties, etc.
Be sure to contact Tashia at 305-793-7484 or for information and appointments, and check her out at!

Don't forget to mention "Samelia" and receive a discount on Minx Mani or Pedi!


  1. OMG!!! I HAVE TO FIND THIS!!! DO you know of anyone Atlanta? Samelia LOVE THE BLOG!!!


  2. Samelia does this chic come to NYC?

  3. I went to the nail place out her in LA and they had NO CLUE!!! Tashia come to LA

  4. When I get home this summer I am calling her!!! I love Trina.. Does she do Jewish girls from Kendall?


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  7. Got Minxed!!!!! in Atl but I'm from
    Bowling Green Ky had to bring it back with me to Ky... We luv it... If your in BGKY come get Minxed Out @ Studio C' In BG Ky...
    By Lady White..